What Is the Best Sport for Your Body Type?

Your body type and shape are largely dependent on your genes. Body types can be classified into three main categories: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. If you are curious which sports are best for you, knowing your body type may become an important factor in making your decision. In this post, we will answer the question, “what is the best sport for your body type?”

Different Body Types


EctomorphEctomorphs have a slender and thin body, with little muscle or fat. Their face, chest, shoulders, and hips are narrow. They also usually have skinny arms and legs. Ectomorphs often have trouble gaining weight due to their fast metabolism. If you belong to this body type, you can eat lots of food without necessarily gaining weight. Additionally, it takes longer for people with an ectomorph body type to build muscles.

Because of their slim build, ectomorphs may be more susceptible to injury. That said, ectomorphs have an advantage over other body types — better thermoregulation (the ability to keep body temperature within certain boundaries, even if surrounding temperature is different).

Hence, people with an ectomorph body type are suited for endurance events, long-distance running, marathons, soccer, cycling, and triathlons. They can also do well in other endurance sports such as basketball, gymnastics, and tennis. It’s important to note that ectomorphs have the ability to gain strength. A home fitness program like FITin56, together with proper nutrition, may be able to help.


MesomorphMesomorphs, sometimes called “genetically gifted” people, typically have a natural build and ability for sports. Men with a mesomorph body shape have a classic V-shape body, with wide shoulders, narrow waist, and a muscular core. Meanwhile, women with a mesomorph body type usually have an hourglass figure and are often slim.

Their body shape and minimal body fat make mesomorphs a good candidate for any sport because they respond very well to cardio and resistance training. Also, their ability to gain/lose weight and build muscle quickly allows them to adapt to the requirements of a specific sport.

If you belong to this body type and are wondering what is the best sport for your body, well, mesomorphs can do well at many sports, including American football, rugby, bodybuilding, hockey, running (sprints), rowing, swimming, and more. To perform at their best, mesomorphs need cardio, strength, aerobic, and flexibility training.


EndomorphEndomorphs have a tendency to gain weight and keep it on. They have a pear-shaped body with some fat in the body, upper arms, and thighs. Their build is a little wider than ectomorphs and mesomorphs.

Endomorphs should watch what they eat more carefully. They also have to work a little harder to maintain ideal body weight. A home fitness program like FITin56 can help people with this body type to lose weight.

This body type isn’t usually suited for speed and agility. On the bright side, endomorphs are naturally strong-boned and build muscles more quickly. For this reason, endomorphs are ideal for sports that involve strength. The best sports for endomorphs include weightlifting, wresting, heavyweight boxing, shot put, discus, and hammer throwing.


After knowing what is the best sport for your body type, you now have a better understanding of the sports you’re suited to and may even discover some you never thought of trying. Choosing a sport that fits your body type won’t only develop you physically, but also make it easier for you to succeed.

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