5 Ways to Achieve Fitness in the Workplace

Sitting at a desk all day may not be the best way to improve productivity, and may even negatively impact your health. Getting exercise during the day can help boost your productivity and your physical fitness. Improving fitness can also help reduce the risk of many diseases associated with inactivity and being overweight. So how can you maintain fitness in the workplace? We’ll look at a few ideas you can try to improve your fitness while at work.

How to Achieve Fitness in the Workplace

1. Go for a walk

Face to Face Chat in the WorkplaceInstead of sending an email or making a call, if someone is close enough, take a walk. Talking face to face can also improve productivity and increase blood flow to get your brain functioning better. Face to face chats also reduce distractions and improve attention to the matter at hand. Wear a step counter to see how far you walk each day just by making this simple change in how you do things at the office.

2. Try a different commute

Walking: One Way to Achieve Fitness in the WorkplaceIf possible, look at a different way to commute to work. If you live close enough, try a walk or ride a bike to work. Walk to and from the bus or train station when using public transportation. If you have to take your car, try and park a bit further away so that you need to walk a bit to get to and from your car. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. The extra steps will add up.

3. Reduce your time spent sitting

Man Working in an Office at a DeskMany offices now offer standing desks which allow you to at least do some of your regular tasks while standing up. Make sure you stand up at least once an hour, even if it is just to stretch your muscles. Try to arrange standing meetings when possible so that the main issues are tackled faster and efficiency is improved, and everyone gets to stand for a period of time instead of sitting. Move the meeting outdoors now and then, if possible, so you get a change of scenery and no one is tempted to pull up a chair.

4. Exercise at your desk

Try using an inflatable exercise ball instead of chair to stimulate your core while you are sitting. This improves posture and encourages better balance, and has been shown to reduce distraction while working, as well. Try some exercises at your desk, such as leg lifts, shoulder rolls, and hand stretching. The FITin56 program can show you a number of other easy exercises you can do in your office to improve fitness in the workplace.

5. Take a break

Skip a coffee break or take a few minutes off your lunch break to do some exercise instead. Go for a walk, do some office cardio if you have a private office, or get others to join in and have a 10 minute exercise session for the office every day. Working out together can improve teamwork, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being of everyone in the office. Perhaps discuss a short yoga workout or something similar that everyone can take part in.


Fitness in the workplace starts with getting up and moving around. Reduce the amount of time spent sitting and increase movement however and whenever possible. Productivity, fitness, and health improves with doing exercise, even if it is just for short spaces of time during the day.

FITin56 has some great exercises that you can do in your spare time to get fit in 56 days. The workouts in the program don’t require a gym and can be done at home or in the office. In as little as 30 minutes a day, you can start your journey to being fit and healthy. Sign up now!

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