How to Choose a Weight Bench

One piece of strength training equipment that you will find in any workout room or gym is the weight bench or exercise bench. Weight benches allow you to focus on specific muscle groups and work your upper body at different angles. You can use them for bench presses, seated presses, dumbbell flyes, pullovers, dips, and many more exercises. In this article, we will discuss the different types of weight benches and the factors to consider in how to choose a weight bench.

Things to Consider in How to Choose a Weight Bench

Weight benches come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and comfort. To get the best weight bench, you should consider the following:

• Budget

It’s important to determine how much money you’re willing to spend to buy a weight bench. This type of fitness equipment can range from affordable to pricey. Whatever the price tag is, you should make sure that the weight bench is durable enough to use for many years to come.

• Fitness Goals

Another important thing to consider is your fitness objective. Do you want to build muscle mass or lose weight? Some weight benches can hold barbells with barbell hooks. Some have higher and lower hooks designed for flat or incline upper body exercises. Others have leg attachments to do leg extensions or leg curls.

• Quality

This type exercise equipment can take a pounding, so it’s important to choose a weight bench with good quality. It should be sturdy enough to handle heavy weights. As much as possible, go for weight benches that have a wider surface. Because weight training involves shifting of body weight, a weight bench should also be stable and resistant to swaying or falling. Lastly, pick a weight bench with well-padded surface for maximum comfort.

Types of Weight Benches

• Adjustable Weight Bench

How to Choose a Weight Bench
How to Choose a Weight Bench

The adjustable weight bench has a simple frame design and an adjustment mechanism (using either pins or steps). The level adjustment provides for a broad range of exercises as part of a dumbbell routine. It allows for incline, flat, and potentially decline exercises, enabling you to target specific muscle groups. Many models are equipped with handles and wheels, making them easy to move around. An adjustable weight bench is ideal both for a home or professional gym.

• Flat Weight Bench

How to Choose a Weight Bench
How to Choose a Weight Bench

A flat weight bench is ideal for dumbbell and seated workout routines. When doing flat bench presses or exercises that do not require elevation, a flat weigh bench would be a good option. Because of its fixed position, it offers excellent stability, at the same time lessening the need of having to perform equipment maintenance.

The flat bench usually sits closer to the ground compared to an adjustable bench. It has a single, solid deck (no gaps). The height and angle are also fixed. This type of weight bench can be equipped with wheels, handles, or both.

• Olympic Weight Bench

Choosing an Olympic weight bench has several advantages. First, it has a built-in racking system, which eliminates the need for using a bench with a squat stand or rack. Second, it has fewer moving parts and is therefore low maintenance. Its size can accommodate a 7-ft. Olympic bar and plate storage racking. Third, it is very sturdy and stable for use with heavy weights. But it also has a disadvantage. Due to its fixed racking system, an Olympic weight bench usually has a fixed angle (flat, incline or decline).

• Specialist Weight Bench

There are a variety of specialist weight benches available on the market. They put less emphasis on versatility and are more focused on specific movements, exercises, and muscle groups.

One example is a preacher curl bench. This type of bench is perfect for isolating biceps when you are performing bicep curls. Another type of specialist bench is the abdominal bench. It is ideal for incline and decline ab and core exercises, and is equipped with padded foot rests.


Choosing the right weight bench will make your workouts more effective and enjoyable. Weights benches can be useful for many types of exercises. Knowing more about the different types of weight benches and their uses can now help you choose the right weight bench for you. To find out more about weight benches, read our weight bench reviews. If you want to buy a quality weight bench, click here.

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