How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

Many of us are familiar with the appearance and lumpy feeling of cellulite. Women, in particular, want to make cellulite less noticeable as they are often more conscious about the look and shape of their body. While it is more often seen in overweight individuals, many thin people also have cellulite. If you want to know how to get rid of cellulite naturally, read our tips below.

What Is Cellulite?

How to Get Rid of Cellulite NaturallyCellulite is a condition that affects skin appearance in areas with underlying fat deposits (usually on the buttocks and thighs). It gives the skin a dimpled and lumpy appearance. Research claims that it is a result of an imbalance or issues in relation to the fat and connective tissues in our bodies. The reasons for these imbalances are yet to be fully established, but it seems to be related to diet, hormones, genetics, and lifestyle.

It’s not only women who have cellulite, men also do. However, women are more prone to this condition. This is because the connective tissue underneath a woman’s skin is arranged differently than in men. This difference makes women’s skin more susceptible to dimples and bulges.

12 Ways How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

1. Try a coffee scrub

How to Get Rid of Cellulite NaturallyThe effects of massage and exfoliation are to stimulate blood and lymph flow, while the caffeine tightens the skin. Best of all, it smells great! Mix coffee grounds with some sugar and coconut oil, and scrub once or twice a week to help reduce the cellulite.

2. Get your Omega-3s

Improve the good fats in your body by eating foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This should help regulate the fatty acids that your body needs for smooth tissue and skin. This may reduce cellulite over time and also assist your body with many other functions.

3. Eat collagen producing foods

In addition to boosting your overall health, certain foods can help your body to produce collagen naturally, which can also help reduce cellulite. Try eating more citrus fruits, berries, dark green vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, red peppers, sunflowers seeds, and sweet potatoes.

4. Apple cider vinegar is an all purpose extract

Apple cider vinegar has magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which all help reduce toxins and water retention in the stomach and thigh region. This may also reduce cellulite, as well as bloating. It can also assist with weight loss, which means less fat in the area to create the dimple effect of cellulite.

5. Use natural moisturizers

How to Get Rid of Cellulite NaturallyMany moisturizers add toxins to the surface of the skin, and this may also contribute to skin problems like cellulite. Try using natural moisturizing agents such as coconut oil. There are various recipes available for natural moisturizers.

6. Take detox baths

Detox baths reduce toxins in the body which is said to be one of the causes of cellulite. Regardless of the result, it still feels good.

7. Try some green tea

How to Get Rid of Cellulite NaturallyGreen tea is great for the metabolism and is a natural fat burner. Green tea may also be able to improve insulin resistance. Start with one cup a day to reduce body fat and the appearance of cellulite.

8. Have your hormones checked

When working out how to get rid of cellulite naturally, you might want to start off by checking your hormones. Hormonal imbalances are one of the potential causes of cellulite, as well as other issues. Getting everything balanced should improve the cellulite situation.

9. Cayenne pepper heats things up

Cayenne pepper is a natural fat-burner, metabolism booster, and also improves blood circulation. It improves cell renewal and reduces toxins in your system. Enjoy it in food or as a drink with lemon and ginger to help get rid of cellulite.

10. Dry brushing daily

Use a brush with natural bristles which are firm but not too hard (preferably with a longer handle or adjustable handle). If the bristles are vegetable based, even better. Brush towards the heart in sweeping motions, no circular or back and forth brushing. The skin must be dry. A perfect time is before your shower. This stimulates lymph and blood flow in the body. This helps remove dead skin, promotes tighter skin, and cell renewal. Stimulating your lymph also improves digestion, kidney function, and elimination of toxins in the body.

11. Reduce fluid retention with juniper oil

Juniper oil helps reduce water retention and also has a detoxifying effect. Use it as a massage twice a day for optimum results.

12. Diet and exercise

How to Get Rid of Cellulite NaturallyLowering your body fat percentage is one of the best ways of how to get rid of cellulite naturally. Reducing excess fat can shrink the fat pockets and reduce cellulite on your body. Even if you are not overweight, you can still be carrying stubborn fat. Another way to improve areas affected by cellulite is through exercise, particularly weight training. This improves blood and lymph movement in the body, stimulating toxin removal while also improving muscle tone in the area. Firmer muscles will also result in less fatty deposits and a smoother look in cellulite ridden areas.


Now you know how to get rid of cellulite naturally without any fancy pills and creams. There are many other natural remedies out there as well that you can try, but there really is no alternative to eating a balanced diet and getting a reasonable amount of exercise to reduce those stubborn pockets of cellulite on your body. Here at FITin56, we’ve created a revolutionary fitness program to help people look good, feel good, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Sign up now to receive our health and fitness newsletters!

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