What are Resistance Bands or Exercise Bands?

What are resistance bands? Resistance bands or exercise bands are bands made of rubber and are usually available in various sizes, colors, and lengths. People often use them for training when recovering from injury, in light workouts, or as part of a more intense workout. Resistance bands are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. You can use them at most levels of fitness, and there are a number of exercises that can be done using just the bands.

What are Resistance Bands Used For?

The variety of resistance bands available allows for different types of exercises ranging from light stretching to heavy-duty weight training exercises. If you are a beginner, you can start with light exercises that target all muscle groups and build up to heavier resistance to improve strength and stamina.

When recovering from injury, you can also start with the lighter bands and graduate to the stronger bands as you heal. The bands are used to create resistance to get muscles working, forcing them to contract and improve muscle and bone strength. Resistance bands can help improve both strength and endurance.

Resistance bands can also help tone muscles and recover or build muscle mass. They are also used by people trying to lose weight as part of a full body workout routine. Resistance band exercises can be alternated with cardio exercises to burn calories and improve endurance and stamina, plus assist in reducing fat stores.

Types of Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

There are different types of resistance bands which are used for various purposes. Resistance bands with handles are generally used for muscle building and toning. The resistance bands are used instead of machines or weight training, and can be combined together to increase the amount of resistance.

Flat resistance bands are generally used for therapy and in Pilates for strength training. They are mostly used to help recover from injury, surgery, and physical therapy.

Arm and leg resistance bands are closed loop tube bands and are available in figure eights with handles for upper body and leg bands with ankle cuffs for working out the legs. These bands are used to target specific muscle groups.

Loop bands are smaller than the wide therapy bands and are a closed loop. Closed loop bands are usually used for training the butt and legs.

Mobility and power bands are used to train for powerlifting and are often used in gyms. These bands are used to correct mobility problems and help with stretching, pull-up assistance, and weight training.

What are Resistance Bands Benefits?

Girls Exercising with Resistance BandsResistance bands can offer as much muscle activity as training with weights, but with less force on the joints, therefore with less chance of injury. This also means that you can still work out your muscles even if you have joint pain or minor injuries that you couldn’t do with weight machines or dumbbells. Resistance bands offer constant resistance throughout the entire exercise as opposed to training with weights, which has periods when the muscles are not working.

The resistance bands offer constant tension, which means that your body has to continuously stabilize during exercises. This activates your core muscles, improving balance and strengthening your core. You are also less able to use momentum during exercise to complete the motions, ensuring muscles benefit from the full exercise.

Using resistance bands for exercises, especially power resistance bands, will help improve athletic performance and strength. Resistance bands also offer a much wider range of potential exercises and full body workouts than can be enjoyed using weights.

Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be used at home, in the gym, or while traveling. They are great for all ages and fitness levels. You can use resistance bands for pre-workout stretches, for a full workout, and even for post-workout cool-downs. Compared to weights, resistance bands are lighter and easier to pack, allowing you to train even if you are traveling.


People use resistance bands to gain muscle, improve strength, and build endurance. There are many exercises that can be done using resistance bands, starting from basic to full body intense workouts. To purchase quality resistance bands and exercise bands, go here. To discover exercises and workouts that can help you become fit and healthy by using resistance bands, sign up to FITin56 now.

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