What Are the Signs of Depression?

Some people may think they are depressed when they are experiencing short-lived feelings of unhappiness. Perhaps they have had a bad week or experienced relationship issues that have made them feel in a lower mood than usual. While this may turn into depression if the feelings last for extended periods of time, this is generally not a depressive disorder.

Sadness is to be expected in life and there will be periods of unhappiness. To determine whether you may be experiencing depression, we have to look at some of the symptoms characterizing this mental health disorder. In this article, we will discuss the signs of depression.

Signs of Depression

1. You feel hopeless

You feel hopelessSevere depression can leave you with a bleak outlook on life. You may feel helpless to change, or that your life is hopeless. You may feel worthless. You may feel guilty for something which is not your fault. You may hate yourself and feel your life is not worthwhile. These are all potential signs of depression.

2. You lack interest

You may find you no longer enjoy things you used to enjoy in the past. You stop taking pleasure in your hobbies and pursuits. You may also withdraw from friends and family. You may decide to stop partaking in social activities and cut yourself off. You may experience impotence or a lack of interest in sex as well.

3. You are tired or can’t sleep

You're always tiredDepression can leave you feeling fatigued and lacking in energy. This may also make you feel like you can’t do anything as you are just too tired. This can cause you to sleep too much. The opposite can also be true, where you are not able to sleep, are restless, wake often, or just have poor quality sleep. Not getting a decent, restful sleep can make anxiety and depression worse as well.

4. You feel anxious

Anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression. Anxiety can manifest as feelings of extreme panic, danger, or dread. You may feel very tense, restless, or nervous. You may feel an escalation in breathing and heart rate. Other symptoms of anxiety include battling for focus, sweating, twitches, and trembling. Severe anxiety is one of the signs of depression.

5. Your weight fluctuates

Depression can affect weight in one of two ways. You may eat for comfort and even experience an increase in appetite, causing you to gain weight. You may also lose your appetite and lose weight. If you have not made a conscious decision to increase or decrease your weight, this may be a sign of depression or other illness.

6. You experience emotional problems

You experience emotional problemsYou might find yourself crying uncontrollably one minute, and experience a bout of anger the next. You may go from happy to irritable for no reason at all. You may experience uncontrolled mood swings. These are all possible indications of depression.

7. You contemplate ending your life

One of the signs of depression includes thinking and talking about suicide. Depressed people will often show indications of wanting to end their lives before they try to do so. It is important to seek help if you ever feel this way. If someone talks to you about suicide, please seek help immediately. Let them talk but remove the risks such as weapons and medication that are available, as best as you can. Call an emergency number or suicide prevention line for assistance.


If you or someone you care about are showing signs of depression, please seek help as soon as possible. Depression can be controlled and you can get help for this condition. Don’t be afraid to speak out or ask for help.

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