Why Fitness is Important

When we refer to fitness, we usually think of fitness of the body. But fitness can also refer to our state of mind and well-being. Good nutrition and a quality exercise program can help reduce stress and improve overall health. Aside from the health benefits, exercise can also go a long way to improve mental well-being. Being both physically and mentally fit is optimal for good health. In this article, we will discuss why fitness is important for everyone.

Why Fitness is Important

Reduces the Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease

Regular physical activity can help strengthen your cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular disorders. Daily physical activity can also help reduce your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels, which improves your blood circulation and reduces the risks of stroke and peripheral vascular diseases. High levels of body fat are also risk factors for high blood pressure and heart disease, and getting physically fit can help reduce excess fat in your body.

Control of Diabetes and Obesity

Doctor Discussing Why Fitness is Important with PatientWhen you ask any expert the reasons why fitness is important, one of the reasons that are brought up almost every time is the reduction in body fat and prevention of risk factors associated with obesity such as metabolic syndrome. Fitness levels can also improve overall metabolism by increasing muscle mass and reducing fat, which helps your body process the nutrition taken in more efficiently. Reduced body fat and improved fitness can also help control non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Fitness Reduces Pain and Bone Loss

Improving fitness levels can help strengthen muscles in the core of your body which can improve posture, flexibility, and endurance, as well as prevent lower back pain. Osteoporosis is a disease associated with aging which causes bone loss. Doing physical exercise, especially weight-bearing exercises, can help promote the growth of bones and help prevent deterioration associated with osteoporosis. A good fitness level can also help prevent the onset of physical disability in later years. Physical fitness also helps promote flexibility and balance, which can help with joint health and reduce the risk of injury.

Mental Well-being and Stress Management

Fitness can Help with Stress ReductionBeing physically fit can help improve your self-esteem. Hormones released during exercise can create a natural feeling of euphoria and improved mood. Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression and assist with stress management. Improved blood circulation also results in improved mental capacity and sharper thinking.

You are also able to deal with trauma and emotional challenges better when you are healthy and fit. Regular physical activity has also been shown to reduce the symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and may even be more effective than ADHD medications in some cases. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and trauma can also be improved by exercise, as it helps the nervous system function better and enables a better stress response.

The endorphins released during exercise promote calm and a feeling of well-being. Exercising regularly can also help reduce the frequency of panic attacks and also help you cope better in circumstances triggering severe anxiety.

Improved Libido and Endurance

Being physically fit and healthier can lead to an upswing in your libido, as well as improved stamina in the bedroom. Improved self-esteem, greater endurance, better blood circulation, and feeling good can help you improve your performance, as well as maintain arousal for longer periods of time. Good fitness levels usually also result in more flexibility and balance, which can also serve you well in the bedroom.

Improved Fitness Reduces Cancer Risks

Being physically fit can help reduce the risk of contracting cancers such as colon, endometrial, kidney, lung, liver, stomach, esophageal, breast and blood cancers by up to as much as 37%. There is also some evidence to suggest it can help prevent brain, neck, bladder and rectum cancers as well. Studies have shown that achieving a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise weekly can reduce your cancer risk, no matter your body size.

Improved Sleep

Woman Sleeping in the Bedroom Demonstrating that Fitness is Important for Good SleepOne of the other important benefits of being physically and mentally fit is being able to get a good night’s rest. Sleep deprivation is a major contributing factor to many illnesses, as well as making you irritable and less able to deal with stress and challenges. Lack of sleep has also been correlated with increased obesity and a poor immune system.

Some Important Things to Consider

To develop a high level of fitness, you have to look at more than just exercising 5-6 times a week. You might also need to look at a complete lifestyle change. Improving your diet, reducing stress, and improving your mental and physical health can help your immune system fight off illness and disease, as well as improve your overall fitness and stamina.

Look at creating a good nutritional plan which excludes excess sugar and empty calories and that you can follow on a daily basis without feeling like you are on a “diet”. Cut out bad habits such as alcohol, substance abuse, and smoking as much as possible, as these hinder you from achieving a better level of overall fitness. Whether you choose to attend a gym, use a home exercise program like FITin56, or spend time in the outdoors hiking, cycling, swimming or running, it is important to choose an exercise that you can enjoy so that you can continue onward toward peak fitness.

Final Thoughts on Why Fitness is Important

When looking at why fitness is important, it is also good to note that people who participate in regular exercise also improve their overall health at the same time. A good nutrition plan, coupled with aerobic and weight-bearing exercises on a regular basis, can help your body stave off the effects of aging, reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke, improve your metabolism, and reduce the risks associated with diabetes and obesity.

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